Issue Description

Losses arising from crude oil theft and sabotage continued in 2016 in the upstream and downstream.

The losses from Crude theft was 19.872mbbls, while losses from Sabotage was 81.180mbbls.

These losses are valued at US$869.02 million and US$3.55 billion respectively.

The crude price (US$43.73) used for estimate was computed using the actual monthly sales and quantity figures for 2016.

The total PMS and AGO loss was 114.115m litres valued at N9.734billion.

Two thousand five hundred eighty-nine (2,589) pipeline breaks were recorded.

Neiti Recommendations

  1. NNPC should ensure proper surveillance (land based and aerial satellite photography and geo-phones trenched pipelines) to minimize vandalisation and crude oil theft, and the pipeline networks need to be updated.
  2. The Federal Government needs to ensure the success of oil and gas industrial parks in the Niger Delta region; This will ensure the development of oil and gas infrastructure in the oil-producing states. It will create employment for the populace in the Niger Delta.

Status Implementation

Losses from crude theft and sabotage is currently receiving attention at the highest level of Government. The National Economic Council, in September 2019 constituted a 13-member adhoc-committee chaired by the Governor of Edo State to address the impact of vandalization, oil theft, and illegal bunkering.

Issue Status

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