Take Action

How You Can Take Action on Remediation

As a citizen of Nigeria, a civil society organization, covered entity and stakeholder in the extractive sector of the economy, what should you do with the information made available on this platform? What roles can you play towards promoting transparency and accountability in the sector? This short guide (which is by no means exhaustive) attempts to help.

As citizens:

  • You can seek more clarity by writing Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to relevant stakeholders
  • You can put pressure on your representative in the National Assembly to ensure increased transparency and accountability in the performance of oversight functions
  • Attend and/or make useful submissions to public hearings convened on the sector by the National Assembly

As CSOs:

  • Make evidence-based advocacy with information provided
  • Engage stakeholders in a push for more transparency and accountability
  • Amplify and share validated information within your networks

As Covered entities:

  • Share success stories of compliance with audit recommendations
  • Report voluntary organizational efforts towards tipping the scale on best practices
  • Engage relevant stakeholders on remediation as much as possible