SN ID Details of the Issue (Findings) Entity with Remedial Issue Entity Accountable for Action Status of Implementation
Nigeria lost 22million barrels of crude oil to theft and sabotage amounting to $1.35bn in the first...
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Pending Resolution
2 0045 Losses from Crude Theft and Sabotage
Losses arising from crude oil theft and sabotage continued in 2016 in the upstream and downstream. ...
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NNPC FMoPR Pending Resolution
3 0044 Oil Royalty
The total oil royalty underpayment is US$46.674million .The companies involved are; Dubri Oil- US$...
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NPDC,Dubril Oil,Newcross E&P,ND Western,Platform Petroleum,Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum Company Ltd,Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd,Pan Ocean Oil Company Ltd DPR Resolved
4 0043 Gas Royalty
The total gas royalty underpayment is US$19.988million.  The companies involved are; NPDC- US...
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NPDC,ND Western DPR, CBN Resolved
5 0042 Gas Flare Penalties
There was a total liability of US$3.632million incurred by 23 companies. This has implication of p...
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DPR Pending Resolution
6 0041 Signature Bonus
There was no payment for signature bonus in 2016. However, payments made by companies as premium fo...
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NNPC FMoPR, Office of The Accountant General of The Federation Pending Resolution
7 0040 NLNG Dividend, Loan repayment and interest payment
NNPC confirmed receipt of US$390.234million being payment of dividend, loan repayment and interest ...
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NLNG NASS, Office of The Accountant General of The Federation, CBN Pending Resolution
8 0039 First line deductions from federation domestic crude sales proceeds
NNPC deducted first line charge for pipeline repairs and maintenance in 2016 was N126.554 billion. ...
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NNPC FEC, Office of The Accountant General of The Federation Pending Resolution
9 0038 Domestic Crude Sales
NNPC did not apply market rate as advised by CBN to convert the sales proceeds received in US dolla...
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NNPC NNPC, CBN Pending Resolution
10 0037 Operation & Management of Cash Calls
US$874.044 million was expended on non-JV cash-call activities. Out of which; US$365.148 million...
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NNPC NNPC Pending Resolution
11 0036 NPDC Legacy Liability
Liability status on Good and Valuable Consideration (GVC) in respect of SPDC and NAOC divested asse...
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NPDC,NNPC DPR, FIRS Pending Resolution